Rock and Roll Jesus

Last week I took to teh Twitterz to crowdsource popular songs about Jesus. I compiled the songs into the following list. I will be adding hyperlinks to the YouTube songs and videos for easier access over time. For now, here is the list (another fabulous list can be found at Pop Culture Christ). Glaring omission? Let me know in the comments! Thanks to all who helped!

Bartender (Dave Matthews Band)
Christmas Song (Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds)
Crucify (Tori Amos)
Down by the River to Pray (Oh Brother Where Art Thou)
Gloria (Patti Smith)
God (Tori Amos)
Human of the Year (Regina Spektor)
In the Name of Love (U2)
Jesus (Velvet Underground)
Jesus Came to Tennessee (Will Hoge)
Jesus Christ (Big Star)
Jesus Christ Superstar
Jesus Christ Was an Only Child (Modest Mouse)
Jesus Is Just Alright (Doobie Brothers)
Jesus of Suburbia (Green Day)
Jesus Take the Wheel (Carrie Underwood)
Jesus Walks (Kanye West)
Jesus Was an Only Son (Bruce Springsteen)
Mrs. Jesus (Tori Amos)
My Hero (Foo Fighters)
One of Us (Joan Osborne)
Opiate (Tool)
Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode, Johnny Cash)
Picture of Jesus (Ben Harper)
Power of Gospel (Ben Harper)
Rebel Jesus (Jackson Browne)
Sober (Tool)
Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum)
Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)
The Man – Modern Jesus (Portugal)
The Transfiguration (Sufjan Stevens)
The Troublemaker (Willie Nelson)
When the Man Comes Around (Johnny Cash)
When You Were Young (The Killers)



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8 responses to “Rock and Roll Jesus

  1. Very cool list. Here are a few off the top of my (Google assisted) head:

    Jesus Walking on the Water, Violent Femmes
    American Jesus, Bad Religion
    The Ruling Class, Loose Fur
    Plastic Jesus, The Sutcliffes

  2. Marie S

    What about the country songs “Beer With Jesus” by Thomas Rhett or “Like Jesus Does” by Eric Church

  3. Liz

    There are so many by Paul Simon. One obvious one is “Love and Hard Times”. (Starts “God and his only son paid a courtesy call on earth…” “Getting Ready for Christmas Day” and the “Afterlife” aren’t necessarily about Jesus, but they’re notable. Simon and Garfunkel did 7 o’clock news/Silent Night, Go Tell it on the Mountain, Kyrie, and Blessed.

  4. James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”

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