The spirit of the Lord is upon me, maybe. Probably not.

St. Darth

St. Darth

Either way, let’s consider together the dark side of God and faith. I’d love to have you join me in conversations about the Bible, religion, culture, politics, justice, and whatever else makes me uncomfortable. Hopefully once a week.

In seminary we used to solve the world’s problems over martinis. In grad school it was through 30 page academic articles. A blog seems like a happy medium.

It will be fun. Promise!



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4 responses to “The spirit of the Lord is upon me, maybe. Probably not.

  1. Julie Zdenek

    That is an awesome graphic! Did you design it?

  2. Jan Billings

    Yes, I like your Darth graphic too. Awesome! What inspired you for this blog? I’ve been thinking about a recent news article on Defenders of Christ in Mexico, a bizarre cult with a “reincarnated” Jesus leading his followers, and the Helter Skelter hippies in trailer parks from decades ago. It amazing that this still goes on. Of course, his victims were transplanted from other homeland. Sometimes there are “savvy” who attempt to get behind the wheel of the wrong vehicle hoping to score …. don’t you think?

  3. Blair Mgbada

    Now this I like the idea of. It prevents me from blowing up your twitter page with faith-related questions. haha.

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